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BIM Vs CAD what is the difference between these two

Posted by : futuregen on | May 03,2019

BIM Vs CAD what is the difference between these two

Before finding the difference between BIM and CAD, first, we should know about what BIM is and what is CAD. BIM stands for building information modelling. It acts as an integrated workflow, which is built on coordinated, reliable information about a project, starting from design to construction and operation.  

CAD stands for computer-aided design. It is simply the use of computer systems to assist in the process design. The term CAD is generally used for drafting programs. In the design of the building, CAD is normally using a drafting tool like AutoCAD to create lines and arcs to represent a design of a building.

Future Gen Technology, a renowned Revit training institute in Ameerpet, Hyderabad providing BIM course trainingas well as Cad COURSE Trainingto the students, also to the professionals. Because of the effectiveness of the institute, it is now becoming the best BIM course training institute and thebest Cad training institute in Hyderabad. You may be confused regarding what to choose, BIM or CAD, then here we are simplifying your doubt with proper detailing, which further helps you to decide which course will be suitable for you.

BIM is just a 3D CAD file. But its methodology is quite different from CAD. At, the training centre, we always clarify the difference between BIM course trainingand cad course trainingfor the customers. CAD course trainingand BIM course trainingcater to different requirements. While CAD is extensively used across the whole industries, BIM is more than just a methodology. Both involve different software also.

In the BIM course training, you come to know about BIM that it has more information than the traditional CAD files. The BIM represents smart models, which are containing specifications, characteristics, performance, and connections, which are important for MEP (Mechanical, electrical and plumbing) systems and other building models. With BIM course training, you can construct a building digitally. It provides all information about a building and MEP including its dimensions, volume, weight, building material, and size.

On the other hand, CAD course training helps to generate 2D and 3D views, that illustrate various components and their integration in larger and more complex systems. It is typically preferred for mechanical and electrical assemblies including airplanes, handheld devices, and cars etc.

CAD and BIM differences

Since you will become a part of the construction industry by taking either BIM course trainingor CAD course training, you should maximum thing about these. It would give a better understanding of CAD and BIM models.

The usage of 3D CAD began with automotive and aerospace manufacturers use it for fabrication process and for reducing the time of marketing for new products. Till then, CAS has become a standard tool throughout the industry has high-quality products that can reach the market quickly.  

On the other hand, BIM provides a convenient and centralized 3 dimensional model for the cost-effective development process. It helps to reduce the errors and their earlier detection. Many leading architecture firms and engineering design includes BIM software tools as their focus for re-engineering and redeveloping to construction workflow.

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